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    Need help with a movement across the page


      I have a project in flash. The most simple part of the animation renders horribly. I am trying to get the animation of the year 2009 in letters that occupy most of the 500x500px screen to go from left to right. No extra movement. no twisting. nothing special. just sliding left to right.

      I tried making the file a bitmap, vector art, creating the actual image in flash. Everything comes in with lines through them in some places that come and go away as the image progresses through the screen. It also looks like the image stumbles a little but then keeps going, if you are really lucky, you'll be able to see a few lines running through the letters, but they dissapear right away. The is nothing interfering with the timeline, I have tried setting the fps rate from 12 to 30 to 60 to 120. It gets better but does not eliminate the problem. I tried reducing the image size down to small letter less then 1/5 of the screen, but still the problem persists. I really need the letters to be large on the screen and flow across smoothly. I also tried importing the file as a whole 2009, tried importing numbers seperatly 2, 0, 0, 9 and have them float, i tried making an object in flash that is not a number - but just a rectangle, it has the same problem.I also tried animating it in different ways - creating a starting keyframe and the last keyframe and creating a motion tween between them (the normal regular way). I tried placing a few keyframes in the middle and linking them all. I tried creating keyframes for every frame within the animation, which actually made it run the smoothest.


      The file I included has just the 2 moving across the page at 120 fps, with a keyframe in every frame of the animation. I am starting to think that the rendering in not the issue of flash but rather of the lcd screen's refresh rate, video card and ram, as well as other mechanical factors. However the not-so-technical-clients need to be satisfied and i would greatly appretiate any suggestiongs on how to make this as smooth as possible.


      Thank you so much!




      p.s. I am using flash 9.0 (cs3) . my computer: 2.83 ghz 2 quad. 4 gb of ram. it's running OSX 10.5.8