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    FW CS3 problem with Vector Images PLEASE HELP


      My name is Logan and I work for a company called Sutherland Design Agency. I am creating a website and i created some vector images in illustrator for the logo because i wanted source files to be imported into fireworks. When I imported the ai file it seemed to be rasterized. Is this normal?

      I would like my images to stay as vectors in fireworks so i decided to test this a couple times. When i create a vector i save it and import it into fireworks. It's a raster. Then i export it as an illustrator file and when i open it, it's a vector again. So i know that it is a vector, but why won't it show up in fireworks CS3.

      I also noticed the drop-down bar with the different image types. Is fireworks auto-optimizing? If so, is there a way to turn this off? I want to do my own optimization and I want to view the fireworks document the way it is.

      Much help would be greatly appreciated.

      Sutherland Design Agency