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    Using Skew


      Hi folks,

      Probably a simple one for you.
      I use the skew to edit a picture to give it some simple perspective. I want to place this on a background of which in Flash I am adding some stuff as well as a reflection.

      The question; how do I make the canvas the same shape as the skewed image? The problem is the reflection is following the canvas not the new image.

      Been playing for a while and cant find out how to do this.


      Thanks as always, P

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          pixlor Level 4

          Images are always rectangular, as they are, ultimately, a description of colors and shapes on a rectangular grid.


          You can't change the shape of the canvas. You can make it transparent, however: Modify > Canvas > Canvas Color... and select Transparent (CS3).


          When you export the image to use in Flash, use PNG32 and set the transparency to Alpha Transparency. If Flash still treats the object as a rectangle, then the problem isn't FW's skew tool.

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            Pete-1967 Level 1

            Hi there,

            No tried that and the image in Flash is still treated as a rectangle rather than the skewed image I want and as a result the reflection wont work.

            There seems nothing in Flash that will sort this hence I was wondering if FW could.

            Bit stumped on this

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              Have you tried importing the actual Fireworks PNG file, rather than a flattened exported bitmap PNG?

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                Pete-1967 Level 1

                Hi there,

                Yes, have saved as a PNG32 and then tried to import into flash however Flash still thinks the image is a rectangle rather than its new skewed shape?

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                  pixlor Level 4

                  Then you probably need a vector file, such as an .ai or an .eps. You'll need to use Illustrator or another vector drawing program (Inkscape, is free).


                  (By the way...did you save a Fireworks document or did you export a PNG32? They aren't the same thing, although I don't know if Flash can interpret everything in FW, so saving may not be the answer, anyway.)

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                    Jim_Babbage Level 4

                    NO, not a png 32. That's an exported flat bitmap. A Fireworks PNG file is what you need to try.

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                      Pete-1967 Level 1

                      Hi there,


                      Have tried exporting as a Fireworks PNG file however it then wont keep the transparent background.

                      Attached a sample of what I am trying to get in Flash as the image I am using appears after a couple of seconds after the page has been opened.

                      It seems no matter what I do, I can skew the image on a transparent background and save or export, Flash still see's it as a rectangular image rather than a skewed image. As a result the reflection is out of line *sigh*.

                      Pixlor has suggested a couple of other applications could solve this but I am really hoping this can be sorted in either FW or Flash as I really do not want to download yet another application and spend ages getting to grips with it just to achieve a simple result.



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                        pixlor Level 4

                        If you EXPORT, then you do NOT have a Fireworks document. You have a flattened bitmap. That is not what we suggested you try.


                        You really need to understand the difference between the action of SAVING, which produces a Fireworks .png document with all layers, vector objects, and filters live and intact, and EXPORTING, which produces a flattened, single-layer bitmap. A Fireworks .png contains extra, proprietary information that a bitmap .png does not.


                        That said, you could produce the sample image entirely in Fireworks. You need a background. You need some text. You need a main image. You need to copy your main image, flip it upside down and reduce the opacity. Group the two images and skew them together. Add a fading skewed rectangle, placed behind the main image. Rather simple, really, if you just think about the pieces and how to manipulate them.


                        If you need something other than a static image, then try the Fireworks .png document (SAVE, not EXPORT). If that does not work, then you will need a strict vector object, either an .ai or an .eps.