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    Audio Mixer Issue... Please Help

    pengh Level 1

      I posted this message a few days back and got it working but now it seems nothing I do works (see Below)


      When ever i try and "Write" an audio mix, after i'm done writing and switch to "Read" the track automaticly gets set back to zero like nothing happened. I have turned off "switch to touch after read" as always. Any clue what is happening here? I restarted the program and even change the audio files around but still no help. I set the track to show keyframes and I see nothing happening to the keyframes when writing... it's like the mixer is ignoring me

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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          I'll be brief here, but hopefully this helps.  If not post more and I'll try to help.


          1 - post some more information about what version you're using, what platform, etc.

          2 - the audio mixer automation functions differently from the track automation.  It's kind of weird I know, but that's the way it is.  A lot of people get confused on this issue.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Going back, adjusting the View of the Track Keyframes helped. Obviously, something else is not working. Based on Dennis' comments, I wonder if Adobe has changed how the Audio Mixer works in CS4+. I only have PrPro 2.0, so I cannot even check, but I think that the playing field might have shifted in later versions. What version are you working in? I have a feeling that what I might tell you will be moot, and that someone else will need to chime-in, like Dennis.


            Good luck,



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              pengh Level 1

              I'm using CS4... I am using the audio mixer exactly how the "Premiere Help" instructions from the drop down menu told me to.


              I'm going to start a new project and see if the mixer works properly. Again, the mixer was working perfectly at the start of the project