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    Saving as PDF -- Font not showing up


      I'm running Illustrator CS2 on a Power Mac G4 Quicksilver, OSX 10.4.11. When I save my file as PDF, some of the type is not showing up in certain areas in the resulting PDF. Font is Helvetica Neue 67 Med Condensed. Odd thing is that the same font and weight is showing up in some spots but not others. Type is painted white against a dark blue background.


      I have tried copying the text and making a PDF with just the text and it works fine.

      I've tired saving to all different levels of PDFs. No luck.

      I've tried turning type to outline and still type does not show in resulting PDF.

      I've tried turning type to outline, saving as EPS and running thru Distiller. Still type does not show up.

      Next thought is to rebuild the file, layer by layer to see where the glitch is.

      Anybody out there run into this one?

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          Scott Falkner Level 6

          Attributes panel. Turn off Overprint Fill.

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            Lacey1661 Level 1

            Wow. You're good. Thanks so much. Wonder how that even got selected. Was making me crazy. Thanks again.

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              Scott Falkner Level 6

              You’re welcome. Illustrator won’t let you overprint process white. But if something was a different colour and is then changed to white, any overprint attributes remain. There is no warning except for a subtle icon in the Attributes panel, which, of course, must be visible to help. Years of griping at Adobe have done nothing, because Adobe have no interest in making Illustrator a better program, just in making it a bigger program with more wonderful “features” they can use to trick you into upgrading. Customer service, intuitive software, documentation, support, and even basic product testing are alien to Adobe.

              The cause of this is most often black text and logos that are expected to be used for placement in many different circumstances. The designer of the original will add the Overprint attribute to the black objects because the art may be used over other colours. When someone opens the file, then changes the colour to white, they get the problem you had.