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    What do you do when a DVD is the only footage you got?


      Ok so here's the story, I posted something like this about a week ago on a earlier forum discussion, but now some of the apsects have changed.


      A family member took some of our 8mm reel film into a transfering place to have the footage put on DVD. Well the DVD turned out great, but I wanted to take part of that DVD and edit it so I could make a documentry tribute film about my Dad whom passed away awhile back. On that DVD there is about 8 minutes of good footage of him that I would like to use, so I used a trial DVD ripping/converting software and converted it to MPEG2 and the results were great, quality appeared just as good as the DVD and I would be fine with using that for my documentry/tribute film, when I imported it into Premiere 1.5 it plays fine on the monitor and it actually plays great on the timeline, no complaints. Now when I go to render it, it plays all jerky like the frames get all messed up or something. On that earlier discussion that I posted this information, people had responded that I need to get the original 8mm film and have it transferred to mini DV or on a hard drive so I can edit it from there. Well the problem with that is the original 8mm film got thrown out after the DVD was made, so all I have is the DVD. Is there any setting I can change in Premiere so it isn't all choppy like that when I render it or is there a way I can have the DVD transferred to mini DV tape and then edit it in Premiere as usual? I'm not sure what to do and I really need the footage off the DVD. I do realize that I'm going to lose quality, but this is all I got, so I have to make it work. Do transfer video places have the ability to put a DVD into a format which wont lose much quality, is it possible to have them transfer it to mini DV or is there a way I can? Please, please help,