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    MultiPage PDF


      Hey guys,


      I have a question about "auto-flowing" multiple pages of a PDF into an inDesign file. I've looked at several scripts/plug-ins on this site and have found what I'm looking for... BUT... the programs are assuming that a PDF page only consists of one page worth of info. In my case, we are scanning old books; therefore we have 2 pages of the book per 1 page of PDF (Each page of the PDF is 2 pages of the book we scanned, so page 1 of the PDF has pages 1 and 2 of the actual book). What I'm asking for is if anyone knows of a script that can be used so that it places the PDF on a spread instead of a single page in inDesign. Or even gives the option to place the PDF page on Even or Odd pages only.



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          you can use my MakeCatalog for PC:




          description is not fresh - but you have options:

          - import multiple multipage PDF - not only one PDF at a time - and not only PDF - you can mix all importable files in one shot

          - every 2nd page,

          - add pages (you can start from one page INDD document),

          - (x,y) position

          - gap - if more than one image per page - ContactSheet

          - destination size and scale

          - rotate

          - create empty frames and apply object style

          - insert images on pages - by reading page number from file name