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    Using Cross-reference topics in RoboHelp HTML 7

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      I'm currently using RoboHelp HTML version 7 and have a question regarding using cross-reference topics. I have a number of html topics that I use in multiple help projects as cross-reference topics (such as User Privileges for example), since the material covered in these topics is referred to in more than one help file. So far I have been updating the topic in one of the help files and then importing the updated topic into the other help files as needed. Since my current method is a bit cumbersome and difficult to keep track of, I was wondering if there is a way that I could place the topics I wish to use in multiple help files in one location (a central repository) and somehow link to that location from each help file to save me from not only having to try to remember all the different help files I've used the topics in, but then import the topics into each individual help file.


      Thanks for any help in advance,



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          I know of two methods that can make your life easier:

          - Use merged help. Put all the Cross-reference topics in a single project and use that project as a child project.

          - Use a sourcetool, I use VSS, and use the same files in multiple projects. Then get the latest version of those files to update all your projects.





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            Hi William,


            Thanks for your response. I'm all for anything that will make my life easier when working with RoboHelp.


            It sounds like the merged help option may be my best bet, so I was hoping for a bit more guidance in this area. Could you step me through this process? I looked in the RoboHelp help and was unable to find anything on this.


            Now I have 18 separate help files and I do not always use the same topics as cross references in all of these. I don't think this shoud be a problem, since I figured I would just add the topics (the ones to serve as cross references) to the separate help project like you suggested then just update all the links in the existing help files to point to the topics in the child project as needed.


            What I'm a bit confused on is how do I have one child project apply to all 18 help files? Is the child project somehow located in a central location that all the other help files can reference or point to? I guess what I'm saying is, even if I have all the topics I may use for cross referencing in one location (the child project), what's going to save me from having to still apply that child project to all 18 help files when I make updates to any of the files it contains?


            As I stated in my original post, right now I update these cross reference topics in one location (say one of my bigger, main help files) then I simply import these updated topics into the other help files as needed. So I guess an extension of my question above would be, how is using the merge project method going to be any different than this?


            I'm not familiar with merging projects so like I said, I'm just need you to shed a little light on this for me.


            Thanks again for all your help,



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              Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'd check out Peter's site - he's got a ton of info on RH - his website is in his sig line