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    After Effects Training: What To Study?


      I studied AE in college years ago, then started using it professionally about 2 years ago.


      I have a membership to Lynda.com and Total Training, and have watched all tutorials. I have the Expressions book by Geduld. I even do some of Andrew Kramer's and Creative Cow's tutorials, and have become better over time. "Creating Motion Graphics" is cool, but a thick book.


      The issue is that there's so much to study that I can spend a lot of time studying, then get a project that requires a method that I didn't study. Relate? Can you ever earn a black belt in AE, or are you a master at what you use MOST?


      Trying to learn as a project is in production with a tight deadline is nooooo fun.



      What are AE artists expected to know vs. skills for personal advancement (that I can study later)