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    Adobe Reader 9.2- makes documents black- cannot view the PDF's content


      Hi all


      Hoping someone else has seen this very wierd issue.

      I have a Terminal Server running Server 2003 SP1. (inherited)

      The End Users were experiencing issues with Reader not printing out correctly. They were previously using Reader v7.0.

      I downloaded the latest version v9.2 off the Adobe website and it installed correctly.

      The v9.2 installation has solved all the previous printing issues but has now created a new problem.

      It is not every time but very regularly, if the users are opening PDF's on the Terminal Server, the content is blacked out and they cannot see the text.

      It is like someone has taken a black marker and removed the text- SEE ATTACHED screenshots (it's like they do for Top Secret documents LOL)


      I have checked that Reader has no updates available, I called Technical Support and they don't support Reader over the phone and directed me here.


      I am going to re-install using the .exe off the FTP tonight but not hopeful that this will solve this problem.


      Thanks in advance.