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    Adobe Reader & Eudora E-mail


      I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit. I've deleted and reinstalled Eudora three or four times now. The program works fine. I am able to send and receive emails without a hitch. My Windows Media Player and Adobe Reader 9 both work quite well.

      However...when I receive emails with pdf attachments, I click on the links but can't open them. The Adobe Reader comes up but says that it can't find the document.

      Also, when an email contains a .wmv link, I click on it and that, too, doesn't work.

      If I go into the file structure of the computer and locate my attachment folder and click directly on the files, the pdf and .wmv files will open just fine.

      The data files, inbox, etc. are located in the default location (documents->users->etc).

      Any suggestions or solutions to this aggravating problem?