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    Premiere CS3 vs After Effect CS3 !


      Ok friends hopping someone gives a detailed or a brief  feedback on this !


      I used to use Sony Vegas, but later on i discovered that Adobe Premiere CS3 was much better software, so i started to use Premiere CS3 few month ago and so far have been very very happy with the Chroma , garbage remover and few more ...

      i also installed Adobe After Effect CS3, but my question for you is how do you compare AE with Premiere ! I noticed plug in manufactures mostly make plug ins for AE, at the same time there are many plug ins for Premiere as well , but not as many as i can find for AE.


      for example RedGiant makes plug ins for AE and they also have 60% for Premiere ..


      please give me your brief or detailed idea about why would you use AE or why would you use Premiere !


      So far i have using Premiere for evertyhing (Adding fx and etc)