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    24p encodes broken with Pr/AME CS4.2 update?

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      Trying to encode from a DVCPROHD 720p/24p sequence, using only that media, to several different destination formats (H.264, WMV). In all cases, I'm setting the frame rate to 23.976/24 and the field order to None (Progressive), which prior to the update resulted in frames that at least matched the motion of the original source footage. Now, there is some bizarre blending going on, primarily on footage that has a lateral/panning movement. It looks like it's blending two consecutive frames, almost like it's trying to interlace the progressive frames. It looks really bad, and was not a problem before the update.


      Here's a frame of an H.264 clip at 24fps:


      And here's the same frame, exported as a still image from the timeline:


      Anyone notice similar issues with the 4.2 updates?