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    DW 8 Crashes at Startup

      I have been using Dreamweaver 8 for years with the following system:
      Dell Dimension 8250
      Windows XP Pro

      I was in DW this morning and I copied an entire folder from one of my managed sites in DW to another managed site in DW and pasted the folder in. Soon there after, DW crashed and closed automatically.
      Upon restarting DW, it loads up and shows me all of the windows and my site and then crashes.

      This message comes up. I can click on the details and it shows a huge file of data.
      AppName: dreamweaver.exe AppVer: ModName: dreamweaver.exe
      ModVer: Offset: 004f0893

      I have already deleted my WinFileCache hidden file and it still crashes.

      Any other help PLEASE. It never is a good time for a program to fail but I really need it to finish my project.
      Thank You for any help.