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      Hi All,


      what are all the parameters for createTOC()?

      createTOC() method is not working for ID CS2

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          from VB6 ObjectBrowser:


          Function CreateTOC(Using As TOCStyle, [Replacing As Boolean = False], [FromBook], [PlacePoint], [IncludeOverset As Boolean = False], [DestinationLayer]) As Objects
               Member of InDesign.Document
               Create a table of contents for a document or book

               Return value: The created table of contents

               Using: The table of content style to use

               Replacing: Whether to replace the existing TOC

               FromBook: The book from which to create the TOC as Book

               PlacePoint: The point at which to place the TOC as Array of 2 Units (Doubles or Strings)

               IncludeOverset: Whether to include overset text in the TOC

               DestinationLayer: The layer on which to place the TOC as Layer





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            Thanks ROBERT

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              Hi Robert,


              Here what is destination layer. How to create. if createTOC() call where i can place the content.