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    run time error


      I am receiving the following error at run-time:


      Flash Catalyst cannot run this project because of an error in the code. To find the error, switch to the Code workspace and look in the Problems panel.


      If I follow these instructions I can see by looking in the problems panel that there is a state referenced twice in the code without being declared first. I have actually deleted this state from my working file so I am guessing that the code for some reason was not cleaned up properly after deletion.


      Is the only way to fix this problem to download the Flash Builder 4 beta and manually delete these references?

      Advice would be appreciated. 




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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Hi Caroline,

               I am sorry to hear that you have run into a bug that caused a Catalyst not to compile. I have not seen heard about this bug on the team, so hopefully it is fixed in the next release!


          One workaround that comes to mind is to create new states so that the state that is being referenced by the error does exist. Then delete the unnecessary states. Catalyst should correctly clean up the references to deleted states.


          So if you have states Page1, Page2, and Page3, and the error is about Page6, then create states Page4-Page6 and then delete them.


          Hopefully this gets to going again!



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            Caroline_Maree Level 1

            Thanks Ty.


            I recreated the deleted state and this unfortunately this didn't work, but then I remembered that I had copied and pasted some of the design pieces from the deleted state into a new state and thought perhaps I needed to delete these too as they may have also been referencing the deleted state. This worked!


            So I got there in the end thanks to your suggestion.

            Thanks heaps for your help.