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    Shockwave Updater is a virus / malware?


      Starting my computer this morning, I got a screen message right after I logged in:


      "Es ist ein Update für Adobe Shockwave Player verfügbar"


      I'm from Germany, so that message was in German. The message says that there is an update for Adobe Shockwave Player available. If it's really from Adobe, then I don't worry. But what I wondered about is that Shockwave is only a ******* plugin for my browser, and how is it possible that it nags me on starting up my computer? Here's the screenshot:




      Of course I clicked "Später benachrichtigen" (Notify me later). However, there wasn't even an option to turn it off completely. And I never gave permission for this thing to pop up on starting my computer when I installed Shockwave, i.e. was never asked while installing. Also, as Shockwave runs as a plugin in my browser, I'd rather expect such thing happen when actually starting my browser. But this nag came right after booting up my Windows, no browser was started yet. This is usually the behaviour of malware, such as a virus, a trojan or spyware. So I suspect that it is actually a virus that is disguising as Shockwave. Or is this really from Adobe?


      Please someone answer quickly. I'm a teleworker, i.e. I work at home for a big company and I have sensitive data from clients on my computer. I could call my company, but there's no technician around until Monday, and I can't use that machine unless it's verified not to be infected. Otherwise I have to do a re-install and transfer all sensitive data to a backup quickly - which I was close to do already this morning. Time is money.

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          It nags you on startup by using a registry setting - there's nothing to be concerned about here. If you don't use Shockwave then there's no harm in un-installing it, but what you're seeing is normal behaviour and not a virus or malware.

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            laura3000 Level 1

            Thank you very much!


            Meanwhile, additionally I also able to get one of our technicians on the phone. And he confirmed that it's not a virus. He also told me how to turn off this behaviour. However, I do not understand how Adobe can produce such a software. It totally behaves like malware. Actually, our technician said that personally he considers it spyware. And I guess he's right. Because when I switched of that nag in Shockwave settings (that is absolutely hidden from the user unless you don't know exactly how to do it), the following box popped up:




            So this software actually sends data from my computer to Adobe without my permission. I don't give a sh*t if it's anonymous or not. I want to be asked for permission when I install something, not things happening behind my back. Adobe obviously doesn't respect the users' will and privacy and is rather patronizing them. Such behaviour pisses me off. Bummer!

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              pwillener Level 8

              I usually turn this off when turning off the automatic updates - it's really no big deal (for me, at least).  The settings also remain after installing an upgrade.