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    partly obscured viewing window in camera raw.


      Hi I have been having a bunch of problems with my computer and it has just been returned from the shop . ( I posted these problems a few days ago on the Photoshop forum)

      To see if things were working I opened a  NEF image in camera raw. The image opened but the bottom left portion is obscured with a grey intrusion.

      If I should then open the same image in photoshop it opens with no obstruction.

      I am using PS CS3 and camera raw . The images have been created with a Nikon D700. The resolution of the screen is set at 1680 X 1050 ( which it always has been.)  Screen dump attached. All NEF images open in this screen with the obstruction

      If I reduce the size of the image to 12% you can see the whole image in the middle of the screen but the grey rectangle is still in the bottom

      Would appreciate any help to fix the problem