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    Launching MX (ver 10) impossible - Due to Adobe?


      In addition to my later posting I've now found out that something prohibit my installed MX Dir 10 to get into editing mode at all. I've uniinstalled the upgrade 11.5 version and my old MX 10 and re-installed MX 10. It launches to the splash screen (that captures and displays Adobes advertisment of ver 11.5) but the program hangs and after a while shut down it self.


      I tried on another computer (without any installation of trial 11.5) and the MX 10 behaved just as same.


      Am i missing something here? It cant be that Adobe have made it impossible to work with my old program, payed for and in good shape last time I used it. As we all dont know where Director is heading and I dont know how much I will use it in the future I've no plans to pay for any upgrade to 11.5 at the moment. But still I would very much like to be able to open and work with my old apps.


      On the Aodbe site there is just one download concerning Director and that is the "have-to-pay-for 11.5" -one. Was there any other free upgrade before that to correct and adapt the old MX versions to Adobe trademark? If I cant use my old program and licence anylonger its a scandal I would say.


      I sure hope that someone here would tell me more about this?


      My best


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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          You don't say what platform you are using. I have both MX 2004 and 11.5 installed and running on Mac OS X 10.5.8 with no problems.

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            Micke© Level 1
            Sorry forgot that. It's Win XP. Guess you're not an Adobe representative?
            Anyway it ran without problem in XP before. It was some time I used it and probably before 11.5 was released. Noticed a differrence as the announcement of 11.5 turned up in the Splash window. That makes me wonder if Adobe made something that my MX reacts upon?
            Thanks for asking.
            BTW. Was very much involved in Director work during the 90ties and on a quite advanced level. Now it seems Flash has taken over everything and the only extra Director has is 3D-related. Is that correct to say? I'm not into 3D but like to wake up my old business again so right now I do Flash-studies. The sad thing is that all that Liingo-experience has to be replaced with the totally new script language of ActionsScript 3.
            My best