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    How can I make Flash CS4 communicate with a SQL database?


      I am an ASP.NET programmer and would like to display graphics in a web browser in a more 'user friendly' form than ASP.NET can provide. I have been investigating both Silverlight and Flash and have come to the conclusion that Flash deals with the ai files that I am using in a much better way than Silverlight can. However I have come up against a problem of communication with the database.

      I have done extensive research on the internet and have drawn a blank with CS4 and can only assume that I am not asking the right questions in the search engine.

      Initially I understood that I would have to make a webservice and although I had never used one before, I felt that it would be straighforward, but having downloaded the trial version of Flash CS4 and Actionscript 3 to investigate, it appears that the webservice panel is not available for Actionscript 3.

      As I don't believe that Adobe will have made a retrograde step in removing it, I assume that it has been replaced by something else.

      My task is to display various movieclips and graphics dependant on variables stored in a SQL database. These variable are being input and altered constantly by users via ASP.NET pages. Can anybody give me an explanation of how to do this please?