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    A sample project with basic problems to solve. Lets make it as a tutorial!

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      The project is attached it's supposed to end up being a simple file manager, so you can browse the files and folders using the list component.


      I've done some part which is the attached one. Now I meet some problems since it's my first project and I need some help so I can solve them. I will try to make this project available to everyone because I think in it's end it will really cover the basics you need to know to get started making more complex stuff.


      So I zipped the php folder with just 1 file that currently has script for browsing the current directory. At this stage of the development I would only like to be able to make the files and folders that the php returns to be displayed correctly in the list, the files no icon and the folders with the folder.png icon. To have a nice padding so they look good in the list and have a nice hover.



      1) warning: unable to bind to property 'name' on class 'Array' (class is not an IEventDispatcher)

      Note: that's the first problem you will see when you setup the project, change the php server urls and run it.


      http://flexponential.com/2009/11/11/binding-warnings-when-using-object-in-a-list -dataprovider/ - this post has some info on the problem but the example is with static mxml data and I am not sure how to fix this when the data comes from the php.


      2) what's the proper way to make some customizations on the data received, so to speak I need to check if the type of the file is "dir", that would mean it's a folder and should display the folder icon and if it's not not to display any image infront of the file. I am really not sure how to do that so any solutions are welcome.


      3) What's the most convinient way to adjust the padding between each line in the list and padding for the icon and label inside the line.


      I think solving these 3 problems will be a huge step forward to finish and have a complete structure which could help more people understand how things work.


      Everyones help will be greatly appreciated