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    Mouse Over in every cell of DataGrid


      I have a Data Grid in my application and for every cell in DataGrid, I need to show some specific data on MouseOver.I tried the following but no tool tip appears on mouseOver:





      private function buildToolTip(item:Object):String{


      var myString:String ="TOOL TIP";


      return myString;















      <mx:DataGrid id="dg3" dataProvider="{resultA1}" width="379" dataTipFunction="buildToolTip" >


      <mx:columns >


           <mx:DataGridColumn width="110" dataField="@srcVariable" headerText="EtcSystem Variable" showDataTips="true"/>



           <mx:DataGridColumn width="70" dataField="@srcValue" headerText="{server1Display}" showDataTips="true" />







      Here resultA1 is a XMLList .

      Please help.