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    Silent install fails?


      Hi Folks,

        Restarting an Adobe AIR Application is not working during Silent installation.

        If I install testapp.air(which has following code) on a machine that already has Adobe AIR installed on it and I click on
         the 'Restart' button in the testapp it works fine. (The app is closed and restarted and the window reopens)
        import mx.core.Application;
        import mx.core.WindowedApplication;
        import adobe.utils.ProductManager;


        public function reStart():void
          var app:WindowedApplication =
          var mgr:ProductManager =
              new ProductManager("airappinstaller");
          mgr.launch("-launch " +
              app.nativeApplication.applicationID + " " +
        Now, we have a need to bundle Adobe AIR with our app and install Adobe AIR in 'silent' mode. I followed the directions in the Adobe
        AIR bundling agreement and used the following command to install it:

        testappInstaller.exe -silent -eulaAccepted -location "C:/Program Files/" -desktopShortcut testapp.air


        If I do this, when I click on the 'Restart' button it does NOT restart the application. The issue seems to be related to installing
        Adobe AIR in silent mode.



        I would greatly appreciate any assistance Adobe is able to provide for this issue.