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    InDesign Crashes on export of automated generation - PDF




      I'm currently developing script (JS) for automated generating PDFs from templates filled with data from transformed XML.

      I've prepared tagged and styled templates so it should be enough to import xml file and place it in the right way..


      Everything is okay until I try to export PDF. At this point InDesign crashes and nothing is exported. I tested this issue on OSX 10.6.2.; OSX 10.5.8. Win XP. All machines have InDesign from legal CS4 Master Collection with all available updates. All machines have strong enough processor and RAM.


      In case of automated import and manual export from InDesign it works. Automated export fails.


      I enclose log from console:

      12.11.09 12:40:53 com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[121] ([0x0-0x74074].com.adobe.InDesign[2391]) Job appears to have crashed: Segmentation fault


      12.11.09 12:40:53 ReportCrash[2418] Saved crash report for Adobe InDesign CS4[2391] version (6040) to /Users/Virus31/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Adobe InDesign CS4_2009-11-12-124053_ASIANSTAR-3.crash


      And also the script generating PDF

      var myDocument = app.open(File("DocumentTemplate.indd"), true);
      //Set import prefs
      var myXMLImportPreferences = myDocument.xmlImportPreferences;
      myXMLImportPreferences.allowTransform = true;
      myXMLImportPreferences.createLinkToXML = false;
      myXMLImportPreferences.ignoreUnmatchedIncoming = true;
      myXMLImportPreferences.ignoreWhitespace = false;
      myXMLImportPreferences.importCALSTables = false;
      myXMLImportPreferences.importStyle = XMLImportStyles.mergeImport;
      myXMLImportPreferences.importTextIntoTables = false;
      myXMLImportPreferences.importToSelected = true;
      myXMLImportPreferences.removeUnmatchedExisting = false;
      myXMLImportPreferences.repeatTextElements = false;
      //Import and apply data (xml)
      //Export and quit
      app.activeDocument.exportFile(ExportFormat.pdfType, File("TestDocument.pdf"),false);



      There are 2 more attached files (archive with source files + crash report) so you can try it on your own. I can't get what I'm doing wrong and I'm getting mad.

      If you ever had this trouble let me know. Thank you.




      Added crashreport.rtf