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    Embedded font is ugly

    Jessy Diamond



      I'm trying to embed a system font in ActionScript to rotate a UITextField on a Canvas but it looks very jaggy. In fact, I'm trying to embed Verdana, but it looks like a low-res version of Times New Roman. I'm using AS3 only, no MXML, since it's in an AS3 Class.


      I'm embedding the font like this :


      [Embed(systemFont='Verdana', fontName='EmbedFont',  mimeType="application/x-font")]
                     private var EmbedFont:Class;


      I then use it like this :


      var ef : TextFormat = new TextFormat("EmbedFont",14);
      tfTitle.defaultTextFormat = ef;
      var tfTitle :  UITextField = new UITextField;
      tfTitle.embedFonts = true;
      tfTitle.rotation = 270;


      Any idea of what I'm doing wrong ? Thanks.