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    is paddingBottom working with runtime StyleSheets on htmlText?

    timo888 Level 1

      I have an htmlText string in my TextArea like this:


      <div class='titleresults'><p id='25220' > <span class='longtitle'>The Rushworth Gospels Mt</span><span class='shorttitle'> (MtGl Ru)</span></p>

      <p id='20.1'  class='passage'><span class='edln'>◦ (20.1) </span><span class='forn'> simile est regnum caelorum homini patrifamilias qui exit primo mane conducere operarios in uineam suam</span> is rice heofunas monn fæder hina ðæm ðe eode on ærnemorgen bycgæ wyrhta in<span class='hit'> wingeard</span> his</p></div>


      I've been able to associate styles successfully with the various classes in the <spans class='foo'>, however paddingBottom=20 is having no effect at all when applied to class "titleresults" or to "div" or to "p".


      Anyone able to get paddingBottom to work in a scenario like that above?