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    Export all stories to single RTF file

    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP



      Firstly I'm aware that there is already a script to export all stories as RTF, but this exports them to single RTF files.


      I have a magazine, all the articles are separated into different documents, and the magazine is compiled using the Book feature.


      Due to the layout of the magazine not all text frames are threaded, single column heading, tripple column body text etc.


      So I'm looking for a way to extract all the text frames on the pages (not master page text frames) to a single RTF file.



      Some pages also have footnotes, but due the text spanning 3 columns the footnotes have to be inserted in separate text frames, so they're no longer linked to text frames.


      Also, there are tables with coloured headings etc. all formatting would have to be stripped prior to the conversion to RTF, and the text set to black.



      I know this is a huge script. And I'm just looking for some sort of script.


      Even if the script an extract all the stories on a page to a single RTF, I can edit the tables and arrange the footnotes myself in the RTF.




      It would also be handy if the script could work on a Book, but it's not necessary.



      If anyone knows of such a script it would be great.