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    FullScreen possible from FABridge call


      Hello. I have a Flex app that I communication with using javascript and a FABridge.


      The page has HTML buttons that trigger events in Flex using the bridge. I'm trying to make the app go full screen using an HTML button instead of a button inside the Flex app.

          var _reportViewer;
          $(document).ready( function() {
                FABridge.addInitializationCallback("reportViewer", function() {
                   _reportViewer = FABridge.reportViewer.root();

                $("#full-button").bind("click", function() {


      Every time I click the HTML button, I get a


            Error #2152: Full screen mode is not allowed.


      If I embed a button in the Flex app, full screen works fine.


      I've even tried to dispatch a click event to the Flex button, and it still gets the same error.



      -- Jason

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          paul.williams Level 4

          From the docs:


          "Full-screen mode is initiated in response to a mouse click or key press by the user; the movie cannot change Stage.displayState without user input."


          Flash Player will look at the call stack (among other things) to determine whether a function was triggered by a genuine user interaction. I doubt button clicks events from html will appear in the stack and even if they did, Flash Player would not be able to determine whether they are genuine.

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            jsm174 Level 1

            Okay. So it is impossible. Thank you for your reply.


            Just to add to your last statement, I wouldn't expect the Flash to have HTML click events in its stack.


            I'm using the FABridge to call a method inside the Flex App which then dispatches a click event to a Flex button. They must know that dispatched event was not a real click and thus throw the exception. That's a bummer.


            -- Jason