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    Flicker and Stutter in Premiere Pro CS3


      Hi Guys,

      Well here we go again. Another Premiere Pro problem. Hope you guys can help me out. I recently started getting this flicker and stutter in my premiere Pro CS3. Please see this link below for what is going on.


      It seems like when I move the cursor around I lose the visuals in the windows and can't work. I thought it was my monitor so I switched around with other type but no is wasn't the monitors. Then I switched cables and updated and uninstalled driver. Nothing helped. Then I went out and bought a new Video Card and no;....still the same problem. Then I started to notice it also does this in After Effects. No other programs does it do this on. Just Premiere Pro and After effects.

      Does anyone know what is going on here. The computer crashes and re boots all buy itself on occasion.

      I then get this windows pop up on the crash

      BCCode : 1000008e     BCP1 : C0000005     BCP2 : BF8E853E     BCP3 : A7E5A868
      BCP4 : 00000000     OSVer : 5_1_2600     SP : 2_0     Product : 256_1     

      Can anyone please help me?

      This seems like some sort of Direct Draw / 3D / java / memory setting and or issue with Premiere Pro and possible drivers? I don't know. This just started happening. Don't know what I did to make this happen. I thought it originally was a hardware issue...NOW! after changing monitors and video card I doubt it.