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    Can some help me change this text?


      My wife decided to buy Adobe CS4 Master Suite. None of us have had a chance to go on any courses yet but we intend to to learn how to use some of the relevent progrmas on it. Anyway a friend was doing some work for us recently and he is away on holiday. I forgot to ask him to change the hours on the leaflet he was doing for us. I for the life of me can't find a way to do it its only 2 lines of what looks like text to me. I say that as when I try to select it via acrobat using the touch up text tool it won't let me. The only way I can select any of the text is via the touch up object tool. After I have selected the relevent lines and right-click and select edit objects illustrator opens with the document and only the relevent text inside. I know there is no security on the document and i can move things around etc but can someone help me with this. I only want to change the hours and working days, that's it nothing fancy and have the text the same as what my friend has done. I have posted an attachment of what I am seeing in illustrator.