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    TextLayout examples with Flex 3.2.0?


      Hi I was trying some Textlayout stuff with flex 3.2.0 by downloading the flex 4 sdk and extracting the textlayout.swc and putting in my projects Lib folder.

      But it seems that some of the classes are missing in that swc. I could not fin d the class CharacterFormat in the swc. Complaier throws an error saying
      "Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: CharacterFormat." Also there are lot of errors I'm facing related to something is not found or not a compile time constant.

      Does anyone have any idea about the integration of Textlayout with Flex 3.2? Any working examples would be great.


      PS - Basically I'm trying to get an idea of how subscript/superscript works using textlayout.





      Mahesh Kokadwar