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    Problem entering large numbers using Graph Tool

    azulara77 Level 1



      I'm having problems getting the graph tool to enter my numbers properly for a bar chart. When I included $ signs and commas, it wouldn't graph at all (posted previously and "solved" by eliminating the commas).


      Now I can get the chart to graph basic numbers, but even with the commas removed I'm having trouble getting the numbers entered correctly.


      For example, I'm manually entering data from a txt file, fiscal year numbers to go along the X-axis in the first column, with numbers that should actually be formatted with dollar signs and commas in the second column.


      When I enter the number 150612044 (no dollar sign or commas), Illustrator changes it to "1.50612e+08" in the entry box and "150612000" in the cell itself. See attached image, which also contains the txt file with numbers as they should be to the left.




      Note that I changed the "cell style" number of decimals from "2" to "0" and the "column width" from "7" to "9". I am on a Mac and checked my International preferences and they are set to "English" with regional setting to "US". Everything else is default.


      How can I set Illustrator to handle these numbers properly?