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    Project damaged by updates

    Tim Flippance Level 1

      I have a problem. I recently uninstalled Pro CS4, reinstalled it, downloaded the latest updates. Now a project in the timeline is damaged. About half of the clips in the timeline now start and stop at the wrong point, their in/out points have been changed by a random amount, though all the clips are the correct length and the transitions all occur at the right points. I have two harddrives with the clips distributed between both, many are duplicated in both HDs. When I first tried to open the project after updating, no picture appeared in the monitor, it said Media Off Line. I managed to find the clips by looking in various places, but as I said half the clips now start and stop at the wrong frame. These faults are the same in all saved versions of the project, and also in the auto-saved versions. To repair all these faults would be a helluva job, especialy because some of the clips I chopped up into many small pieces, removing a frame here and there, changing the speed of some pieces, to smooth out jerky pan shots.


      What has happened? and is there any way I can restore the clips to their correct start/stop points?


      I didn't rename any of the clips or alter them in any way, except to use a few of them in another project (which is undamaged)


      Has anyone any ideas?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The only thing I can think of is that the project got "linked" to the wrong version of the problem clips.  If Clip 1 appears both on drive D: and drive E:, maybe try unlinking it from whichever it's currently linked to and relink it to the other.

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            Tim Flippance Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Jim


            How would I do this unlinking. I think, but I'm not sure, pro is looking in E for everything now, I don't know how to make it look for an individual clip elsewhere. Is there any way of knowing which HD a clip has come from? and then changing it?

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              A right click on a clip in the bin will give you your linking options.

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                Tim Flippance Level 1

                Thanks Jim


                I realise now that some of the clips which are affected are in E only, so it can't be Pro looking at the wrong version.


                The reason this is the only project damaged is because it was open when I downloaded the updates. So beware anyone trying to download updates with Premiere open!


                Luckily none of the really tricky bits of editing has been affected, so I am now in the process of repairing all the faults.





                PS  I checked the in/out points of a clip which I havn't touched since I used it, and its in/out points correspond to the clip in the present timeline, not to the correct settings. So it's the in/out points of clips which were changed by the update. Very strange

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                  Powered by Design Level 4

                  Just curious but did you start the updates or did it run without you knowing ?


                  I have always ran my updates with all programs closed.


                  At least you figured it out.


                  I will make sure to learn from your lesson.  ( Things to NOT do )



                  Enjoy:  Glenn

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                    Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    If you had any part of Premiere open you might want to go back and check to make sure you really have everything updated.  Generally the updater will tell you to close a program it is trying to update (I have experienced this before) but there may be some oddities to the process.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      This has always been my experience, even when I have all updates set to manual. If an Adobe program (like Bridge) is open and used to update, if there is an update for that program, the update installer instructs to close that program, once the installation module has begun.


                      Personally, I want to know about and initiate all updates, and not just for Adobe. I don't want any program runing any routine, unless I have called it. "Paranoia strikes deep... " I've had all sorts of evil things happen from simple unintended updates, while working in totally unrelated programs. QuickTime used to be bad about this, and I had to turn off automatic updates with each version. Now, it seems (as of 7.5.5) it's finally turned OFF by default - the way I want it.



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                        Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                        I agree 100% and have turned off all automaitic updates.  Not only to prevent this sort of happening, but to minimze the number of processes running and conserve memory.

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                          Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                          I'm a little skeptical of an update "damaging" a prproj. A while back, when our office used the Matrox RT.X100, we would sometimes end up with a damaged prproj. They would simply refuse to open. The Premiere project files are an XML file. I did an experiment a while back and opened a good prproj in Notepad and changed just one character. When I tried to open it in Premiere, I got the dialog indicating that the project file is damaged... Just one character!


                          We've had the situation happen several times where we open a project and find the edits all out of whack. In every case it was because in error, we linked video files that were from a backup "Trimmed" version of the project. At our office, we plug and unplug a lot of external drives. XP can be very annoying when it comes to changing drive letters.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            Not directly related to the OP's problem and not even applicable to PrPro, but in my decades with PS, I never had to "trash my Prefs," and felt pretty good about this. One day, while working on a rather large graphic, Java started to download an update. I had missed shutting this function down - my bad. Halfway through, it killed PS, destroyed my image file (luckily a Copy with few edits done). I had not touched the machine from the moment that Java started doing its thing. I watched in horror, as PS crashed. This had never happened in all those years. I restarted PS when Java was done and it was hosed! Trashing the Prefs fixed it, but that image (on the HDD) was also hosed. Guess whose auto update got "fixed" instantly. Unrelated coincidence? I do not know.


                            Going back, I was installing an NLE update (not Adobe), and Logitech's Set-Point started an update. I'd missed shutting that one off too. Not only did my installation get whacked, but XP-Pro was butchered, my LAN was disabled, System Restore would not work. Norton Ghost could not save my bacon. Nothing worked! Set-Point is history. My wireless mouse works fine without it. It took a low-level format and complete reinstall to get me up and running. This was on a brand new workstation with minimal apps installed yet.


                            Do these have anything to do with the OP's issue? Probably do not. Do they have anything to do with my shutting down all auto updates? Absolutely.



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                              Tim Flippance Level 1

                              I was in Pro and opened Export Settings and it said "Updates are available for this version of ......  do you want to download them now?"  so I said yes, then it started doing it,  then it said "Close the whatever..."  so I closed Pro, but it damaged it anyway.


                              and it really is damaged,  its not just that its telling me its damaged when really its not.


                              I've spent the last 5 days repairing all the damage!


                              I think in future I will only download updates if I really need them

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                                Tim Flippance Level 1

                                That's interesting Charles, but I hadn't linked any backup files, and I wasn't using an external drive.  All I did was I opened the project to see if Use Maximum Render Quality was available in Export Settings, and when I opened Export Settings it asked me if I wanted to update.