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    Dear All,


      Well, I am new on this forum. And I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to computer problems and fixing them. I also don't speak computer "lingo" very well. With that being said, here is my problem. I just bought a laptop. It is wonderful and I think I'm now addicted! hahaha  Anyway, I am trying to open up several PDF files that employers have sent to me along with their applications. I am job hunting like crazy!!! Who isn't now a days! I go to the site they tell me to go to . (several different possible employers) and I go to the place on each of them that tells me to download it and or open the document so I can print it off and fill it out and fax it back to them.  When I try to open them a new page comes up and it is completely blank. I wait and I wait, thinking well, maybe it takes time to open it up. Well, that doesn't happen. Then I left click on "refresh" and wait some more. Still waiting....eventually I get fed up and when I go to click out of it right in the middle of the blank page comes this logo that is there for a mili second and it says PDF file. When I go to the other job site and do a download it still won't open and does the same thing I just explained that happens in the other one. My computer has ADOBE 9.2 on it. It has Acrobat Reader. Which I'm assuming they are suppose to convert this thing so I can read it. If it is suppose to and I'm not knowing how to get it from one place to another would someone PLEASE tell me asap! Also tell me in layman's language and very detailed, step by step kind of answer please. I have read forums where a lot of people seem to be having the same trouble with the ADOBE 9.2 getting the PDF files to open also. Thank you for all the help!!! p.s. And if it needs a different problem solved that I haven't a clue how to fix please tell me that also and how to get it to work.

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          Let's see if Adobe Reader even works. Find the link to the PDF on whichever site you want. Right-click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save File as" (depending on your os it could be different) and save the PDF file to your desktop.


          After doing that, double click on the file. Does it open in Reader?


          If not, try opening Reader first then choose File>Open and navigate to the file and try to open it that way. What happens?

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            Dear Mr. Graffitti, You are AMAZING!!!! THANKYOU!!! THANKYOU!!!  It worked!!! Now I can fill out the 13 pages of application for the job and fax it to the place. WHOPPEEE!!! Hey everybody....this guy knows hi s stuff!