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    SWF content will not scale to fit Loader component




      I have a flash file for a website section.  I inserted a Loader component component to load a .swf file, and set the "scaleContent" property (in the Component Inspector) to True, but the .swf loads tiny, like a thumbnail.  I also set the minimum dimensions (400x300), but this seems to have zero effect.  I also have the size of the loader component set to 424x350.  I have played with both sets of these numbers to no effect.  Any ideas?   Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Here is where I've uploaded the file for testing:  https://locker.smu.edu/users/tlhemphi/public/testtxfair_swf.swf

      If you click any 1 of the 4 images, it will load 1 of 4 .swf files within (but very small).


      Furthermore...the size of the embedded videos is not always consistent.  Sometimes, after re-uploading the main file, Some of the 4 videos will be correctly sized, but if visited more than once, they return to being small.  Very weird.


      I have tested this in both Firefox 3 and IE 8.


      Thank you,



      P.S.  I have attached a screen capture of the Flash program, showing the component inspector and properties.