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    How to convert  a date string to a Date object

    kyalong Level 1

      I'm puzzled by a DATE question:

      I retrieved a date from my database ,and converted the sqlResult into a XML.
      so the date become a string in my xml.

      when I fill the xml data to the DataGrid , I want to use the DateFormatter to format the string of date.
      It's failed .Because the method only can format date object .

      I searched in the help doc and searched in google.I haven't got a way how to covert a date string to the date object.

      my date string from the XML like this: Fri Jun 13 00:00:00 GMT+0800 2008

      I try to use String as Date to covert it .but the output is Null.

      I have no way to settle the matter.

      wait for your help thx!