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    Using Value Objects with the Date type

    rcanulla Level 1

      Hey there,


      I have a VO that is getting a date string from php (Thu Nov 12 2009 11:56 AM). I can recieve that as a date object, when I debug, but I get theses errors.


      TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert "Thu Nov 12 2009 11:56 AM" to Date.


      My VO looks like this.I can only get it to work outside of the VO when I pass the date  into the constructor. Any thoughts?


      package com.ryancanulla.dashboard.content.vo {
           public class QueueItemVO {
                public var itemID:uint;
                public var itemSource:String;
                public var itemCategory:String;
                public var itemTitle:String;
                public var itemDate:Date = new Date();
                public var itemLink:String;
                public var itemContent:String;