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    Published presentation length is shorter than original audio


      I have a user who needs presentations of a specific duration (43+ minutes).  She used the Edit Audio window to determine audio duration.  The logic is that the presentation will be as long.
      That is not the case.  The published presentations, as noted in the presentation Information on the Connect server, are typically several minutes shorter.

      One case in particular:

      The audio length indicated in PowerPoint/Presenter Edit Audio was 43:36.  The duration indicated on the server after publishing was 39:59.
      I played a presentation.  It had several quizzes, so I did my best to record start to end of audio playback for each segment between quizzes.  I came up with 40:30.  Closer to the reported server time than the length indicated in Edit Audio.


      Has anyone observed this phenomenon?  Does the audio get shorter on publishing due to compression?  What can be done to have the presentation be as long as the original audio?


      FYI, this is cross-posted on the Adobe Connect Professional form: