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    Copy Manual to My Computer?


      Hello, Using the newest Adobe Reader, I brought up a manual for my fax machine, before I use to go up to the top of the screen and click on Copy

      But now I do not see the option, can I still copy this manual to my computer, if so how? Thanks


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          pwillener Level 8

          I have read your post five times, but I perfectly cannot understand what you are saying...


          First: what is your OS?


          Next: what are you trying to achieve?  Copy a PDF file from one place to another?  Have you tried drag-and-drop?

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            tomsmac Level 1

            Ok, I am using xp home edition, anyone who used an older edition of adobe reader knows that there use to be a "Copy" Icon

            at the top (next to print icon etc.) I want to be able to copy the manual to my computer like I have been doing for years, but

            this option does not seem to be there anymore in the newest edition of adobe reader 9!

            Any Idea's please let me know and Thanks

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              Aaarrrahh6 Level 1

              You could just select from the file menu, Save a copy


              or if you reading it thro internet explorer - File Save As

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                tomsmac Level 1

                You said Go to file menu, click on Copy?

                That did not work either, I got a screen that came up wanting me to upgrade (i think) Adobe Air or something for money, I declined it

                and could not copy the manual'

                Do me a favor see if you can copy any manual from the FILE menu without them asking you to upgrade? I would appreciate it very much?

                Right now I put an old version of Adobe Reader back on my pc and have NO Problems with copying it to my pc.

                I will go back to the newer version if you tell me that you copied your manual directly and with no problems. Thanks

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                  I believe tomsmac is referring to the 'Click to save this file to your computer or another location' button that appears when opening a PDF in the browser. As Aaarrrahh6 has already said, if you right-click on the link that opens the manual and select 'Save target as', this should allow you to save the file somewhere on your computer, or using File, Save As in your browser - if you don't have a File, Edit, View, etc bar in your browser try tapping the Alt key on your keyboard to make it appear temporarily.


                  tomsmac, if none of the above helps, if you post a link to the manual it will help us assist you.

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                    Aaarrrahh6 Level 1

                    Am using version 9 of acrobat reader and i can save as a copy, however if you are trying to save a copy of a manual from the internet why dont you instead of clicking on the link to load it into reader - instead right mouse button on the link and click save as (this will download a copy to your harddrive)


                    If it doesnt allow you to save a copy of the file either directly in reader or the method above perhaps the manual is copyright material and maybe you are supposed to pay for this - although i cant understand why you have to upgrade reader to do it unless it thinks you are trying to edit the file and save it.

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                      tomsmac Level 1

                      No , its not copy writted or anything, as I mentioned I reinstalled adobe reader 7.09  and had no problem making a copy to my computer or seeing the copy Icon

                      So you guys are saying the only way to copy on the new adobe is to either Save or Save As???? There is NO copy Icon on the new adobe?? .

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                        ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        You can open Reader and right click on the toolbar. In the menu choose "more tools". Under "file toolbar" check the box next to "save". That will save a copy of the file.

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                          tomsmac Level 1

                          ok,  I am now in another state at a friends, when I get home I willl reinstall Adobe 9 and try it out, will get back to you guys then, Thank You