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    RoboHelp HTML Index

      I am writting help files using the HTML compiler, I need to view mutiple indexs with there own distnctive name tabs,
      I can create the indexs in Robohelp, but on compiling the HTML format it only shows one index with the default Tab name 'Index'. Can any one help with compiling mutiple indexs with there own Tab name?
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          Pete Lees Level 2
          Hi, Tony, and welcome,

          On the assumption that this is compiled HTML Help (.chm), I'm afraid that the help viewer isn't customisable to that extent. You can have one Index tab only, labelled "Index" or its localised equivalent. Anything else would require you to create your own help viewer, which obviously requires programming skills.

          One thing that may be worth noting is that each window type in an HTML Help project can have a different index file associated with it. So, if you were to set up three different window types, you could associate a different index with each one. I'm not sure that this gets you much further, though.