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    Typing problem


      I've been using Cap 3 for a long time.  Up until 2 months or so ago, typing was captured all on one slide.  Now, typing is captured either by one word per slide, or a couple of times by one or two letters per slide.  It recorded circa 160 slides for one longish sentence.


      We tried a workaround of capturing typing in full-motion mode, but only see blank slides on the preview.


      Any suggestions welcome.




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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Perhaps something has become corrupted. You could try to delete the Captivate*.DAT file, to be found in "Documents and Settings\User name\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Captivate" (for Windows XP, somehow different in Windows 7/Vista). When reopening Captivate a fresh DAT file will be created and hopefully this will resolve your problem.



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            JennyVM Level 1

            That worked like a charm.  Thanks so much, Lilybiri

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              As a note to anyone who finds this problem in the future and the above solution fails, I believe I have found a bug too.


              I found that if you use the Pause button to pause the recording, and then reactivate the recording and attempt typing, the program starts capturing each keystroke as an independent capture, rather than as a typing animation.