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    Memory Issues & Performance Problems After 4.2 update


      4.2 was applied last night and I'm having major issues working on my project this morning. I'm seeing memory use of over 1 g when trying to play a sequence. It was in below 300M pre update on the same project. Also very slow response when playing (ie: 15 seconds to start playback)

      When I load the sequence, it shows memory use of ~300M. When I manually move to somewhere on the timline use spikes to as much as 1.8G, takes +10 seconds to actually seek that frame and then use drops to around 850M. Hitting play from that point spikes memory back up to 1.8G and 15seconds later video play.

      This did not happen yesterday pre 4.2


      is anyone seeing similar


      is there any way to roll back the update other than a reinstall?


      running vista 64 w 4G on a core duo T9800