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    How do you insert a slide show into a page in Fireworks or Dreamweaver CS4?

    JVPhilly Level 1

      Newbie here. I just made a nice 4 image slide show in FW CS4 (under COMMANDS, CREATE SLIDESHOW) but can't figure out how to insert it into a page in FW or Dreamweaver CS4. My goal is to insert it into a FW page, then send it as a PDF to the boss for review before it goes into Dreamweaver. Can that be done? I assume if you can create the slide show in FW, then you can see it FW - or is that asking too much?? So far, I can create it, then choose to preview it in a browser (and it looks good). But then I click "done" and "x" out of the screen and it's gone. I saved the slideshow in a folder I created on my desktop. When I open the folder I see an images folder, a scripts folder, an "index.html", a "player_black.swf", and a "slideshow.xml". I've tried dragging all of these onto the FW page but nothing happens.. Also, the "insert" button in FW doesn't have a preset for slideshows. Neither manual mentions how to insert it into a FW or DW page.. Any help is greatly appreciated.