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    [CS3, AS] Anyone for tag?


      A few weeks ago, I happily wrote a little script to split a multi-column text frame into separate frames. I found it straightforward to do and an encouraging first foray into InDesign scripting.


      Yesterday I was informed that I need to add a new feature to this script. For accounting purposes, every element on our pages has to be tagged.


      Obviously my naive and innocent little newly-created text frames are untagged. I thought it would a straightforward matter to add the tagging bit on to my script.To do so seemed compulsory.


      Is there any scripter around who would put up a little message at the end of their script saying "Now open the tags panel and tag all your nice new text frames"?


      So I looked into the Scripting Guide and found it's to do with XML, a subject about which I know very little and as I read on I felt I was knowing even less; just growing in confusion.


      So  I skipped to the sample scripts and high up in the list was one entitled "Untag Element". Strangely enough, I found this encouraging and scanned eagerly downward for the one entitled "Tag Element". No such luck.


      I also opened and read quite a few scripts with vaguely promising titles. None helped.


      This is a subject about which I neither want nor need to know too much, although I assure you I have spent some hours in fruitless research. I am simply trying to meet someone else's need.


      Can anyone out there please put me out of my misery by providing me with what I suspect will be a childishly simple line to add the required tags to my text frames?

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          HarboSenior Level 1

          Sorry, fellow scripters. I was tired when I wrote this query. I went back to the literature and to my IndDesign document and have found that I have been tilting at windmills. If the original box is tagged, newly-created boxes are tagged, so I have been dementing myself needlessly. Screen break needed! Off to bed.

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            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

            I hate it when someone else points out something like that. OTOH, if I noticed it myself, well, never too shy to pat myself on the shoulder for being smart.


            Perhaps not needed anymore, but the magic command to tag a frame is not "Tag" (that would be too easy, wouldndnit), but it's called "markup". I'd have to look up how to actually use it, though.