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    Unable to download Pdf page to desktop/file


      Vista SP2

      Adobe 9 Ver 9.2.0

      IE 8


      I AM able to download my Gas Bill Statement in PDF from my provider and and read it.

      When i click the Download to File icon of the PDF gas statement (next to the print icon) nothing happens !

      I AM able to Print a copy on my printer ok.


      Note: I AM able to download to desktop/file all other statements from all my other service providers without any problem.

              When i contacted my Gas Provider with this problem they informed me that they were able to download my statement on two different computers in their offices with no problems stating the problem must be with me !!

               I have uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe 9 twice with no effect.

      Can you advise as to why i cannot download the GAS PDF statement page to my files but i can evey other service provider PDF statement ?