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    Merged CHM appears in Index but not accessible in TOC

    TanTurn Level 1



      I am trying to merge a single chm child topic to the parent using RH8.


      In the TOC, I have created a link to the location of the child CHM (no spaces in the name). I generate the master chm the TOC entry for the child chm appears but I when I click on it, nothing happens. In the index,I can see the index entries from the child chm, however the index entries appear in quadruplicate.


      I have followed the instructions - in the master created a TOC and clicked Merged project and then pointed to the generated .chm file for the child chm. I have tried having RH copy the file over to the master, and pointing directly to a copy of the child .chm in the master folder.


      Can any one help? Am I doing something wrong?


      Thank you,