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    Conditional OLAPDataGrid

      Hello All,

      I am new to flex and ran into a problem.
      I have OLAPDataGrid with a scheme defined. the data provider is XML file i have added as a resource to the project.
      the following is the mxml lines:

      <mx:HBox width="100%" height="15%" >
      <mx:LinkButton width="25%" label=" All" />
      <mx:LinkButton width="25%" label=" SOHO" />
      <mx:LinkButton width="25%" label=" MASS" />
      <mx:LinkButton width="25%" label=" SME" />
      <mx:HBox width="100%" height="85%" >
      <mx:OLAPDataGrid id="myOLAPDG" width="100%" height="100%" alpha="0.8"/>

      I want that initially DataGrid will loaded with "All" category (I have accomplish that), and then based on click event the slicer in the OlapDataGrid will be changed (Here is the problem, can't get it to work).

      what is the logic i should follow?