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    flv jittery in ie8, fine in FF and chrome


      I'm trying to embed a .flv file in my site.  I encoded it from a PAL .avi using FLME CS4 at the preset values for 'FLV - web small', although I've tried a ton of different sizes, framerates, bitrates, and keyframe distances.


      However I do it, the video plays nice and smooth in any offline player (WMP, Adobe Media Player, VLC, RealPlayer).  Then I embed it into the site with Dreamweaver and preview it in IE8, Firefox and Chrome.


      Firefox and Chrome play it beautifully, and IE8 is jittery, jerky and stuttery.  It's not horrendous, but it looks like it's running at 12-18 fps instead of 25, and it's noticeable, and it doesn't look natural.


      Once it's embedded in the HTML it plays the same whether I'm previewing it through Dreamweaver with the .flv on my PC, or I'm getting it off the internet (look for yourself at my 'test' video at http://www.aardvarkweddingfilms.co.uk/test1.html)


      Any ideas to make it play as smoothly in IE8 as it does in the other browsers?