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    Reader 9 opens maximized on primary display


      I have two displays, and always run Reader maximized on the (smaller) secondary display. With Reader 8, I disabled the option in Documents preferences "Show each document in its own window", so every time I opened an additional PDF, it would open in the existing Reader on the secondary display.


      Reader 9 does not have that option, and always opens a new instance of Reader for every document. It then proceeds to open maximized on my primary display, instead of on the secondary display, covering up all my current work in other applications. (If the instance of Reader on the secondary display is not maximized, the new instance will not be maximized either but will still appear on the primary display.)


      Does anyone know either:

      1) how to enable behavior the same as Reader 8 where only one instance of Reader is opened?


      2) How to get Reader 9 to open on the secondary display instead of the primary?