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    Adobe AE CS3 Render Que and Output Modules

    kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

      Ok Buddies

      Using Vista 64 with AE CS3


      I Imported a complete project (Audio and video)  from Premiere CS3 to AE CS3 , i Added all my Fx and etc, then i went to Render Que and tried to make my final AVI , I also installed Lagarith Lossless Codec on my system, but rendering is all done with NO AUDIO

      then under Render Que i found this section called " Output Module" by default it was set to Lossless, i am not sure if that is referring to lagarith codec or something else , and under the "Output Audio" is was set to OFF

      so i changed the output module to Microsoft DV NTSC 48khz


      is that mean that i no longer use Lagarith as my codec or that lossless was for audio ?


      or what is the correct way to set my audio channel ON !!


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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          "Lossless" is the name of a template (ie, a pre-made collection of settings) for the Output Module in the Render Queue.

          On a Windows system, the "Lossless" template sets Video for Windows (AVI) as video format, and "No Compression" as codec.

          There isn't a factory template for Lagarith, because it isn't a standard AVI codec, in the sense of being available in every system. It's only available once you download it and install it.

          You can use the "Lossless" template as a starting point, press the "Format options" button in the Output Module, and change the codec to Lagarith and then save this as a new template (just so that you don't have to pick your codec of choice every time, just choose your template).

          By default, audio output is turned off. Again, you can turn it on and save a template, which you can for example name "AVI - Lagarith with audio".

          Of course, the Microsoft DV template sets the Output module to use AVI format, with the Microsoft codec.

          As you see, a codec not only has to be installed on your system, but you also have to choose it in the "Format options" dialog.

          Usually, I attach screenshots to illustrate these things, but I am at home on a Mac laptop, so Video for Windows and/or Lagarith are not available as options.

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            kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

            Ok thanks buddy really appreciate your help, i recently started working with AE , mostly used Premiere b4 .

            ok now i am gonna folllow your guide and see what happens ..


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              kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

              Thanks once again

              ok so that was very helpful and it did  work and now i have the audio as well , i wonder what that Preset "Lossless" is used for  ? I mean the final output is not compressed (5 mins song is now 6gb) , maybe its used for Encore or other programs that make DVDs ? so that compression is used only once when making the actual DVD.


              the other thing that is very interesting is that i had only 3 layers of video, but with many cuts or clips, now that I imported a Premiere CS3 project into the AE CS3

              , i have around 200 layers, i guess one layer per cut or so...

              Is there anyway to set the layers in order or a way , for example layer 1 is the clip1 and layer 2 is the clip 2 and ect...

              I make it a bit more clear here :


              let's say i am working on layer 1 , which is the intro of the song and layer 2 is beginning of the song and layer 3 is the end of the song, so is there any way i could place the correct layers one after the other ?


              because right now let's say i am working on one the clips and its layer 6 and the next clip is layer 189, is there a way to put these layers one after the other , so i don't have to look for the next clip !!


              Thanks again !!